The “Season” is our annual Fall to Springtime to rehearse weekly and perform regularly.  Just like the academic school year, we begin in August at the end of Summer Camp and continue through May. Members are invited to join the SCC in one of four choirs; the Discovery, Apprentice, Preparatory Choir or Premier Choir

The Discovery, Apprentice, Preparatory, Premier rehearse Monday afternoons at Savannah Arts Academy, 500 Washington Avenue.    

Discovery Choir is for children ages 4 to 7. Led by Linda Galvan, the children learn the fundamentals of music and vocal production through playing singing games.  Members perform in a few concerts each season including Holiday and Spring.



Apprentice Choir, led by Mandy Madson, is one of the options for our newest singers. Members receive weekly instruction to build skills and acquire tools to become independent musicians.  They participate in Holiday and Spring Concerts, as well as appear on their own at concerts in the fall and spring. They perform unison and simple two-part songs, learn beginning sight reading and ear training including how to sing a simple melody and learn how to follow their part in the music. This choir does not tour.



Preparatory Choir, led by the 2019 Jean Faircloth Visiting Conductor, is for more advanced singers who can follow their music but are still building their music reading skills while learning to be independent singers. This group tours regionally and participates in the Holiday and Spring Concerts. Preparatory Choir members sing more complicated two-part songs and simple three-part songs. They can sing their part independently, even if someone is singing something else besides them.


Premier Choir is led by 2019 Jean Faircloth Visiting Conductor. Members possess the tools and skills needed to be independent musicians and model appropriate vocal technique.  They have the initiative and knowledge to prepare for rehearsals on their own and sing complicated two-, three – and four-part songs. For example, they can find and read multiple parts in the music and hold their part with other parts being sung around them. The Premier Choir performs at all major concerts and other events throughout the year and is the national and international touring group*.  Members of the Premier Choir are ready for a challenging experience, and aware of the of the time commitment required.

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