If you’re considering booking the Savannah Children’s Choir for an event, we would love to hear from you.  However, before you contact us, please read through the following information and make sure we’re the right choir for your needs.

We have 100 children in three choirs, Primary, Preparatory and Premier.  When we perform, we have a specific rider (below) that outlines our equipment needs.  We also ask for an honorarium, and we’ll be glad to tell you about what we’ve received for past events.

But first, is your event one that….

Occurs outside school hours?

  • We’ve got 100 kids in three choirs representing 29 schools. We just can’t get everyone together during regular school hours. If you’re event is during school hours, email us, and we’ll put you in contact with a talented school chorus teacher who might be more able to bring their group than we are.

Reaches a large audience?

  • We love to sing for groups who are larger than we are!

Features the Savannah Children’s Choir as a main event?

  • Children’s voices — even 100 strong — aren’t suited to be background noise at an event.  If you have a seated audience who wants to listen to us, we’re interested in performing for you!

Needs a concert, not just a song?

  • It’s quite a challenge moving our entire choir or even one of our three choirs, and we typically only do this for an actual concert (20 minutes to an hour).  If you need a National Anthem or just a few songs, email us and we’ll try to find you some local resources.

If your event meets these guidelines, email us!

The following information is our rider – a description of what information and equipment we’ll need to ensure a fantastic performance.,

No less than 1 month in advance, we’ll need:

  • Date and time of performance
  • Number of expected audience
  • Media plan indicating how will the Savannah Children’s Choir be mentioned

No less than 2 weeks in advance, we’ll need:

  • Map or specific directions to performance location
  • Specific information on where the choir is to gather and warm up ½ half hour before their performance (Call Time)
  • Where restroom facilities are located
  • Where parents may park
  • Contact name and cell number of event coordinator
  • Contact name and cell number of technical coordinator

What we require at each and every performance:

  • A tuned piano with integral music stand and adjustable stool and lighting.


  • An electronic 88-key keyboard with integral or separate music stand and lighting and adjustable stool, including labor for set-up and strike.


  • A music stand for the director
  • A microphone for the director
  • For outdoor or large indoor concerts, amplified sound, with technical coordinator on hand from call time until end of performance.
  • 2-3 levels of risers appropriate to the number of children performing


  • Solo mikes (if required based on programming)
  • Small bottled waters or pitchers of room temperature (not iced) water and cups for number of children performing
  • Designated gathering area that can accommodate number of children performing plus 20% (choir plus chaperones)
  • Designated bathrooms proximate to gathering area
  • If outdoor event, designated tent for choir and parents to gather with seating for number of children performing plus 20% (choir plus chaperones)

Contact Roger Moss at (912) 228-4758 or [email protected].

He is your contact for the above information, as well as any questions you might have.

Be sure to visit our Media tab for pictures, press info and resources.